Mass Schedule:  November 19 to November 26, 2017

Church building is open half hour before the first morning Mass. During the week days we close at 2:30pm Mondays through Thursdays.

On Fridays the Church building is closed after the last morning Mass for maintenance.

In the weekend the Church closes about half hour after the last Mass finishes.




9:00 AM (Various languages)
5:00 PM (Sunday Vigil, English)
6:30 PM (Sunday Vigil, Spanish)


8:00 AM (Spanish)
9:15  AM (English)
10:30 AM (Latin-Tridentine)
11:45 AM (Spanish)

1:00 PM ( English)
2:30 PM (Polish)


7:00 AM (English)
9:00 AM (Various Languages)

Special Devotions:

First Friday – 7:00am in Convent Chapel.

First Saturday Our Lady 9:00 AM, (Mass, Novena and Benediction).Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Novena – Sats. and Weds. after 9am Mass

Parish Societies: Holy Name, Legion of Mary

Haitian Mass:

Every Third Sat. 10:00 AM

First Saturday Devotions – Schedule for 2017 will be posted soon.

Religious Instructions: Please call Rectory.

Adult Religious Instruction at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine

S I G N   U P   N O W!

The Church of Mount Carmel is offering a  course for adults interested in completing their sacraments (Baptism, Communion and Confirmation) or converting to the Catholic Faith. Do you live in a free union? Would you like to get married for the church and also need your first communion and confirmation?

Instuccion Religiosa  para Adultos – ( La Esuelita)

 ¿Tienes 18 años y no has sido bautizado y no conoces tu fe católica?  ¿Eres soltero bautizado y  no has hecho la primera comunión o no estás confirmado?  ¿Vives en unión libre. ¿Quisieras casarte por la iglesia y además necesitas la primera comunión y confirmación?  

I N S C R Í B E T E ! !



2017- 2018



2018-2019 Registration

see us in late August 2018, early September 2018 for more information

Registro 2018-2019:

visítenos a fines de agosto de 2018 y principios de septiembre de 2018 para obtener más información.

Every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturdays:
9am English mass followed by Novena to OLMC

Every 1st Saturday: 9am (Tridentine Mass in Latin) – special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima with special prayer for the canonization of The Venerable Pierre Toussaint.

Every 1St Thursday at 7pm Special Polish devotion – (Tridentine mass in Latin)

Every 1St Friday at 7am (English) mass being held in The Mount Carmel Convent with special devotion to the Sacraed Heart of Jesus.

SATURDAY November 18         

            9:00               Thanksgiving to Our Lady of Mount Carmel                        by Patrick Jules

            5:00               Thanksgivgng to Our Lady of Mount Carmel                     by Judy Mezi

            6:30                La Virgen De La Providencia by Carmen Bonet, Legion of Mary


SUNDAY November 19

              8:00             For Our Lady of Mount Carmel, for Her Kindness                   by Marie Graham

              9:15             Thanksgiving to Our Lady of Mount Carmel for all the blessings you have given by Florentina Innocent

           10:30               Patricia McCalum by Maureen Daly

             1:45               +Emmaise Auguste by Geraldine Santhonax

             1:00               +In memory of Aura and Juan Padilla by Hector & Leida

             2:30               Maigorzata toxarczyk o btogstariensturo

MONDAY November 20

            7:00               Pro Populo

            9:00               Souls in Purgatory by Daniel Marc


TUESDAY November 21

           7:00                Thanksgiving to the Madonna by +Rosa Morrone

           9:00                Souls in Purgatory by Michael Ruggiero


WEDNESDAY November 22     

            7:00               +Carmela Bernal by Diana Almonte

            9:00               +Joseph Urgitano by Joanna Sica and Pam Pisacano


THURSDAY November 23         

            7:00               +Sica, Spinelli and Matthew Genovese by Joanna and Anthony

            9:00               Joseph and Anna Esposito by Louis and Angela Napoli


FRIDAY November 24

            7:00               +Linda Gliatta by Gliatta Family

            9:00               For Health for Grażyna Blichøiz


SATURDAY November 25         

            9:00               Thanksgiving to Our Lady of Mount Carmel                        by Marie Solomon

            5:00               +Mary Ascione by Julia Muñiz

            6:30               Good Health for Grażyna Blichøiz


SUNDAY November 26

            8:00               Thankgiving to Our Lady of Mount Carmel by Flor

            9:15                For a Peaceful and healthy life by Florentina Innocent

         10:30                +Rest in Peace Elisabeth Brutus, & Patrick Louis            by Anne France

         11:45                 +Lourses Morales by Chu-chu, Gary and Family

           1:00                +Gabriel Morrone, Maria Emiddio Pagano, Josephine Di Simone and Rosa Morrone by Morrone Family

           2:30               O zdrowie dla Grażyna Blichøiz


Baptism, Matrimony by appointment
please call office (212-534-0681)
Confessions: 4:30-5:00 PM Saturdays,
Before and after Mass and by request